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  • Changing AT&T Static IP Reverse DNS (PTR) Records 2022 Edition

    AT&T allows you to change the reverse Lookup (PTR) records if you pay for a static IP block, but for the life of me, I could not find any official location to make the request on their website. Moreover, a link was being circulated for a while on random threads that directs to a form […]

  • Resurrecting the Old Postfix Server Part 1

    For a while, my home mail server has been broken; that is, ever since I decided to install ESXI and virtualize everything, I never bothered to fix the mail server. Moreover, I also migrated away from Cent OS 7 to either Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or Rocky Linux 8. Ubuntu came first before Rocky Linux 8 […]

  • Fun with Hyper-V

    So, this week I had an interesting encounter with Hyper-V. As many of you may know, Hyper-V is Microsoft’s version of Linux’s KVM; both are OS level hypervisors. However, I had not interacted with Hyper-V before this week. The situation I was faced with was trying to convert a VM that is on an ESXI […]

  • Learning Word Press

    Hello everybody. I just installed Word Press on my home lab. Time to play around with it to see what’s possible. If I receive enough motivation, I’ll write about my life and any random experiments I do with things like virtualization, networks, etc.